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Detectives of Europe and America,

or Life in the Secret Service.

A Selection Of Celebrated Cases,

Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia,
Poland, Egypt, And America.

A Revelation Of Struggles And Triumphs

Of The Most Renowned Detectives On The Globe For The Past

Twenty-Five Years.

by George McWatters

[Most, if not all, from Knots Untied or Ways and By-Ways in the Hidden Life of American Detectives.  Hartford: Burr, 1871]


Many partial friends of mine have thought I might do some good, and that I ought to, however little it may prove, to the cause of human happiness,—in the intent thereby of enlarging the security of the innocent from the machinations of the depraved,—by the detail of certain wily “offenses against the law and good order of society,” while demonstrating therein how sure of final discovery and punishment are the criminally vicious, however crafty and subtle, in these days, when the art of police detection has become almost an exact science.

What is specifically mine in these tales, i. e., the recital of my own actual experiences and observations, and what is in part received from authentic sources in my professional acquaintance, will appear in the text of the narratives.

If any good to the world accrues from the publication of the histories of the cases involved in these recitals, through the instruction which they may afford to some, perhaps; or by their possibly enlarging the scope of the reader’s charity for the erring, or in any way. I shall be gratified.

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