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Catching Counterfeiters

An Interesting Yarn Spun by an Old Government Detective

I was a night telegraph operator, and in the summer of ‘72, feeling much depressed in spirits and badly in need of rest, I decided to tear myself away from the confusion and turmoil of city life and seek some quiet, secluded nook where I might do nothing but sleep and dream for two weeks at least at least, writes an old detective in the Chicago Times. But where could I go? A happy thought struck me, in looking over some old letters, to visit my old friend Will Wilmington, whom I had not seen for years, and whose shingle of “M.D.” I knew to be swinging in the balmy breezes of Mississippi. A hastily written letter brought the following reply by telegram a few days later:

Natchez, July 12.Come at once. Daisy and I need you.
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