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Change for a Bank-Note

by Judge Clark

Archie Norton was a happy man that evening. He was paying his last visit to Marian Gilbert, who was to become Marian Norton tomorrow.

As the two sat together in the twilight, murmuring delicious words of joy and hope, they were interrupted by the entrance of a servant with the announcement that two gentlemen wished to see Mr. Norton immediately.

“Tell them they must wait till another time,” said Archie; “I am particularly engaged at present.”

“But I was to say, sir, if you please, that the business is very pressing, and they must see you.”

With an impatient gesture Archie followed the servant into the passage, where he found himself confronted by two rough-looking men.

“Mr. Norton, I suppose?” one of them accosted him.

Archie bowed assent, adding, with a touch of haughtiness, a request to be informed of the object of their visit.

“It’s along o’ that missin’ money,” replied the man, curtly.

It is necessary to explain that a packet of bank-notes, brought by a depositer a few days before to the bank in which Archie Norton was a clerk, had disappeared mysteriously from the receiving-teller’s desk, and though the most thorough search had been made, no trace was found of the lost money.

Suspicion pointed naturally to some of the employés, but fastened upon no particular one. All that could be done under the circumstances was to procure a complete description of the notes from the depositor, who, fortunately, had preserved a… Read More