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The Somnambulist

MRS. Moffet was in despair. No wonder. Here she was, “a lone lorn widow,” who having been left in straitened circumstances—with only the house in which she ived to call her ownhad been reduced to the dernier resort of taking boarders. Now calamity had come upon her, she was about to lose her best-paying boarderlose him just as the winter was coming on, and the thousand and one extra expenses which cold weather is certain to create all to be met.

Mrs. Moffet was a meek little woman, timid and retiring; she disliked change in her household affairs, she had disliked worry and anxiety, being naturally cheerful and lively in disposition, and she did like Mr. Montgomery. And now this cold morning in the early winter Mrs. Moffett was forced to stand face to face with the truth. He was going away. And why? Ah, that was the worst of it! He had lost moneya large amountfrom his room, and refused to longer remain in a house where thieves were harbored.

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