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The Mysterious Murder

by W. S. K.

About the middle of January, in the year 1856, I was startled from a very sound sleep, just as the town clock was striking three, by a very loud rapping at my office door. I arose and dressed myself as hastily as I could; and on answering the summons, found a young man, very excited, who handed me a note from the captain of police, with a request that I would attend to it at once.

I opened the note and read as follows:

Dear K.— Old Logan has been murdered—it must have been done after 12 o’clock, as his body is warm. Come at once.

Yours, etc.,                                               C.”

“2:20 a.m.”

I quickly put my revolver in my belt, and after leaving word with my brother, who slept in the adjoining room, with reference to my trip, I hastened down to Mr. Logan’s store.

Mr. L. was the sole owner and proprietor of a large jewelry store on Bank street, and was looked upon as one of the wealthiest inhabitants of the city of P—g.

On my way down, I was busy thinking as to what might have been the reason for this murder, and concluded, before I got there, that the only incentive could have been his money, as I knew that he always kept a considerable amount about him, for he kept, in conjunction with his store, a kind of very fashionable loan office.

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