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The Truss of Hay

Written for The New York Clipper

by a California Detective

That accident often accomplishes what the most hopeful nor perseverance falls to effect, the following narrative is but an additional proof; but as I rode towards the police station of my district during the afternoon of an April day, 1867, my thoughts, were far from being occupied by any such truth. I was thinking of Edward Felton, whom I had not seen for four years, and in whom I had always felt a friendly, nay, a brotherly interest. 

Edward had been in the mounted police for some six or seven years, and he didn’t take well to it, poor fellow. He felt what he considered his loss of caste deeply, and avoided speaking of his earlier days; but I knew that his family was an old and good one, and that he was one of those unfortunate younger scions to whose share the increasing poverty of the family had meted but a partial education, while the elder brother had received a much more superior education, and was heir to his father’s estate.

The position of his relatives in Philadelphia would, no doubt… Read More