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The Lawyer Detective


It was when I first began to practice. I was admitted and opened an office in the village of C. I had but little business, and was sitting in my office, trying to keep comfortable, the clock already pointing to 10:30, when the door opened and the keeper of the county jail entered.

“We have a guest at our house who is quite anxious to see you, and requested me to bring you up to him if you had not retired.”

It was not far to the jail, and we soon arrived there. After unlocking the usual number of iron doors, the jailer admitted me to the prisoner’s cell, and remarked that when I was ready to go he would come and let me out. The huge iron door was closed with a clang, the bold was sprung, and I was alone with my would-be client.

As I had supposed, as soon as the jailer was out of hearing the prisoner came forward. He was a young, gentlemanly-appearing fellow, apparently about twenty-four years of age. Extending his hand to me he said:

“I am glad to see you, Mr. ——, you are indeed kind to come to me at this untimely hour, but I wanted to talk to some one, and I feel that you will take an interest in my case. I have been arrested for the murder of Mr. Richards, the president of the Farmers’ bank of K., and for the robbery of the bank. Will you not lend me your assistance?”

I assured him that I would do all in my power for him, if he desired to retain me. He suddenly interrupted me by saying:

“I beg your pardon, sir, I do wish to retain you to… Read More