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A Detective's Stories

Told On The Quarter-Deck Of A Cat-Boat

Two Kinds Of Law--A Smart Forger And A Young Lawyer--A Little Experience With Tramps--A Recorder's Client

New-London, Oct. 20.—One of the best-known detectives in this country was sitting on the port side of a cat-boat, in a down-East bay, the other day, and I was sitting on the starboard. We had nothing to do but smoke cigars and tell stories, for a bronzed old Yankee fisherman was at the helm. It is hard to get a detective started at telling stories, but start him once and he runs on like a town pump. These are some of his stories:


“You know Charley De Young, of San Francisco, who lately fired Kalloch into the Mayoralty? He was in New-York not long ago and he wanted to see the sights. We had met in San Francisco, so he came to me and asked me to show him around. He was particularly anxious to see some of the curiosities of the Twenty-ninth Precinct, so I took him up to that station-house and introduced him to Capt. Williams. There was a copy of “Coke on Evidence” on the desk in the Captain's private room, and the Captain's distinguished club lay alongside of it. Capt. Williams received us kindly, and at once offered to show us anything in his precinct that we wanted to see.

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